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White Noise: A Natural Sleep Solution?

Does white noise provide a natural sleep solution? If you are an exhausted mama who likes to drift away to the sound of rain, the ocean or even wind blowing the answer is Yes. If you have a toddler who is part sweetie pie and part vampire well not so much. Stay tuned for more details about our experience after this commercial break…


I came to know this because I confessed, while at a Bible study recently, that my three year old is still waking me up at night. She sometimes cowboy kicks my door open to let me know she is awake in the middle of the night. I asked for prayer and was also blessed with a few right now suggestions.

White noise was one of the many solutions mamas had successfully tried. I tried to buy the machine during the meeting. Before I could finish adding it to my cart, one of the mamas said I should try out this White Noise phone app before going to spend my money. Yes! I felt some ZZZs were in my immediate future and I downloaded it as soon as I got home that night.

Pleasantly surprised by all the options I asked my daughters which sound they preferred. Why did I make that mistake? They spent 20 minutes disputing what would put them to sleep more effectively. One voted for the ocean, another voted for a purring cat.

My three year old simply said “I don’t think any of them will work.”

I shirked at her cynicism and chose the ocean sound for them. Her sisters could have slept until noon thinking they were on a relaxing beach. My three year old? Not so much. She woke up twice that night. Needless to say I won’t be going to buy a machine.

But if you have a sleepless little one in your home, the app is totally worth a try. Once I get my little one to break this exhausting habit, I will be using the app to reset my own sleep pattern and I think it will be the best sleep ever. I mean light rain, heavy rain, extreme rain: these settings are all calling my name.

Oh and if you have a sleepless newborn check out White Noise Baby and train them now before its too late. The apps are free to download and I am not affiliated with the company.

Stay tuned if you like this, I’ll be writing more posts about my Sleep Seeking Summer and sharing what works and what doesn’t.

And could you do me a favor, and the countless other sleepless mamas out there?

Chime in with what sleep aids have worked for you and your family. No judgement on my end. I promise.

Sweet Dreams, Mama





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