Product Review of Trillium Organics Baby Skin Care

Performance Rating for Trillium Organics: 4.5 out 5 stars

I’m always excited to learn about USDA certified organic baby skin care products. My daughter and I were given the opportunity to sample the Really Fragrance Free body care line by Trillium Organics. It is designed for babies and children with sensitive skin. We put it to the test and here are the results.

Features to Love

Trillium organics baby skin care products

Trillium organics baby skin care products

  • The products are certified organic baby the Organic Crop Improvement Association.
  • Each of the products has a simple list of ingredients (* indicates certified organic ingredients):Gentle Soap: *olive oil, *coconut oil *jojoba oil, *honey, *aloe vera, *rosemary extract, vegetable glycerinMoisture Oil: *sunflower oil, *olive oil, *chamomile, *calendula, *lavender, non-gmo vitamin eBarrier Balm: *castor oil, *olive oil, *sunflower oil, *chamomile, *calendula, *lavender, *wildcrafted grindella, non-gmo vitamin e
  • I know the line is called really fragrance free, but the moisture oil and barrier balm have a natural calming aroma (not sure if its the chamomile or another ingredient).
  • I have a two year old now, and her skin is less sensitive, but I believe this would be gentle enough to try on an infant. However, always spot test new skin care products before applying all over your baby.
  • The diaper balm is gentle and therefore I let my daughter rub it on her lips as a lip balm.

Room For Improvement

  • I’d like for the moisture oil to come in a squeeze out (like the soap) or dropper bottle. I wasted a lot of oil pouring it into my hand.

The Bottom Line

The Really Fragrance Free line by Trillium Organics is gentle and effective for babies and toddlers. The company makes taking care of baby’s skin simple, by offering a few basic products and keeping the number of ingredients to a minimum.Know that this means you wont get the bubbles, fragrance, or creamy lotions that you might be used to in personal care products, but the trade off in this case is knowing what’s in the bottle.

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