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wooden toys are safe and sustainable.
Baby's Wellness

Wooden Toys: Make Play Time Sustainable

Natural wood toys are a healthy choice for your baby. Not only are they often, non-toxic, but they are attractive, durable and can be passed down for generations. You will, however, want to make sure your baby’s toys are finished with non-toxic sealers and…

Finding safe toys is about more than avoiding choking hazards.
Baby's Wellness

Six Tips for Choosing Safe Toys

The term safe toys used to mean your child had no chance of choking on them. However there are other factors to consider. Infant toys made of plastic often contain polyvinyl chloride (PVC). PVC has been linked to cancer and other health problems. Most…

Organic Bear by Kallisto
Baby's Wellness

Selecting Organic Baby Toys
For Worry-Free Playtime

When your baby starts putting everything in her mouth, natural and organic baby toys can bring you peace of mind. Imagine being able to relax when she plays instead of worrying whether you’ve brought lead paint and chemical leeching plastics into your home. Rather…

Infant toys are going to be chewed.
Baby's Wellness

Do your Infant Toys Appeal to the Senses?

You probably go through great lengths to find the right toys for your infant. You make sure they are age-appropriate, have bright stimulating colors, and of course they have to be designed to instill the attributes of genius. It’s been mind-boggling to see my…

Natursutten Rubber Pacifier is an all natural baby product.
Baby's Wellness

All Natural Baby Products

Are you looking for some all natural baby products to feed, bathe and soothe your baby? Do the recent headlines have you concerned about using plastic to care for your little one? More and more companies are having to be transparent about the ingredients…