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Happy Mother’s Day Plus
Sunscreen Tips to get the Month Underway!

May is here and I have LOTS of goodies in store for you this month. To start I want to wish you an early HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!


The Q & A Book for Moms is pictured on the right.

Whether you are celebrating your mom or being showered by your own growing family. Enjoy the day, be thankful for your loved ones and take some time to reflect on the goodness that is motherhood. I mentioned this book before, Q & A a day for Moms, before, but I really like it as a Mother’s Day present – even if you buy it yourself. The book is a 5 year journal that prompts you to write a sentence a day to capture your feelings about motherhood or something your child did that day. Truth be told I’ll be playing a little catch up in my book on Sunday so that I can capture some of the precious moments that are unfolding in my life right now via my kiddos.

Other than May being the month of Mother’s Day and my birthday, It’s always been my favorite month because it’s when the sun comes out more consistently without too much heat. That said I wanted to share some sunscreen tips to help you with Building Block 4: Baby’s Skincare.

Erika Jones for Organic Baby Resource

Erika Jones for Organic Baby Resource

Well not just baby’s skincare. I want you protected too. Yesterday we spent the day in the park having Field Day and I was glad to have my sunscreen handy. But when I think about it, I put it on everybody but myself. Do you do that sometimes? Mother everybody but yourself? Thankfully I have no burns, but from here on out I will get someone to slather sunscreen on my back (I can put it on my face) before spending all day in the sun so that we are all protected.

That said, I don’t just go putting on any old sunscreen. For that reason, I recommend keeping multiple bottles of your favorite sunscreen around during those summer months. Diaper bags, glove compartments, swim bags and purses all seem like smart places for a Super Natural Mama to keep her sunscreen. If you don’t want to buy that many bottles, you can get some stainless steel lip balm tins or any other non-chemical leaching container and squeeze some sunscreen into them. Then go and put them where you’ll have them when summer gets all revved up. You will thank your clever self all summer long.

Finding a Safe Sunscreen

If you’re wondering what makes me call a sunscreen my favorite. Here are three things I look for:

sunscreen tips

Erika Jones for Organic Baby Resource

  1. A list of ingredients I can recognize and pronounce. Zinc Oxide, which protects from UVA and UVB rays is the only active ingredient I trust.
  2. Scents made with organic essential oils. Lavender and Chamomile are just a couple of examples. Unscented sunscreens are even better.
  3. Water Resistance. You don’t want it coming off as soon as you sweat or take a dive into the pool. So look for this feature on the label.

My sunscreen of choice right now is Badger Broad Spectrum SPF 30. The only drawback to this and other zinc based sunscreens is that they are rather difficult to rub in. Though I’ve found if you combine it with a bit of raw shea butter,  the white film isn’t quite as visible.

Did you know that both shea butter and coconut oil have a natural SPF of 10 on their own? So why not rub them on every time you and baby go out.

More Sunscreen Tips for Your little Ones

Badger also has a sunscreen formulated for babies. However, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) suggests applying sunscreen only to small areas of exposed skin for babies under 6 months. Likewise they should stay in the shade as much as possible and wear protective clothing.

If you have older children remember to help them apply sunscreen every 2 hours, especially after swimming or sweating. And don’t forget to  pack your sun hats, glasses and SPF protective clothing when going out with your children each day.

Peak sun hours are between 10 am and 4 pm. Try to avoid the sun during this time frame and make sure you have access to shade or provide your own via a tent or umbrella.

So what will you do for Mother’s Day? Do you have a favorite sunscreen for your family? I want to know about it in the comments.



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