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So I’ve Moved and I continue to Move…

Word of the year for 2016

My word of the year for 2016 is “Move”

It’s been a longer-than-I-intended spell since my last update. The truth is moving turned my world upside down emotionally and physically and now I finally feel like we are settled. We only have a few  boxes left in the garage!

I love my new (old) house, built in the ‘80s, but with that came a bit of remodeling, crazy contractors and lots of unexpected repairs. In other words the MOVE was all-consuming. I’m grateful we homeschool and had some Grace to get settled into a new routine and rhythm this semester.  Ultimately schooling is where I put most of my focus the last few months because I didn’t want my girls to fall behind.

You may wonder why I write MOVE in all caps like that. It’s because MOVE is the word I chose in January 2016 as my Word of the Year. I decided I wanted to focus on creating movement in various areas of my life and let me tell you choosing a Word of the Year works!

I mean my husband and I had a desire to MOVE  We’d lived in our old house for 13 years, but the How?, When? and Where? questions were unanswered as far as we were concerned. We tried focusing on finding a new home intensely in January and found nothing. Suddenly, I had some unexpected health concerns to resolve, we celebrated milestone birthdays, etc. In other words it didn’t seem like the time was right, and I guess it wasn’t.

Then around Independence Day we started looking again and we quickly found three viable homes to choose from. We started negotiations on one and it fell through then we put in an offer on our current home and got it. We hardly imagined it would be October before we would feel settled. We went down a path with probably the most narcissistic contractor we could have ever found, who never finished the work he’d bid. Gratefully we hired new people to finish the job. Our old home which was supposed to take 3 days to sell took more like 60. It was all rather stressful, but somehow completely worth it.

Now we spend more time with (new and old) friends and family, we love our neighbors and our neighborhood and my husband’s commute is shorter. Everyone is happy. So I’m totally happy that I chose the word MOVE. I truly believe it was a catalyst to manifesting the new space we are in.

Interestingly enough MOVE has shown up in positive way in other areas of my life.

  • I have finally seen the scale MOVE in the right direction.
  • I MOVED my first e-course from the rough draft stage, finished and launched it.
  • I’ve MOVED closer in relationship to my children because I shifted some other things that were getting in the way of how present I could be with them.
  • I’ve MOVED to greater clarity in my creative voice and the type of work I want to do both online and offline in the future.

Thank You!

So that is my update, but I also wanted to take a moment to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and let you know how grateful I am for you. Enjoy the holidays with your loved ones little and big and don’t forget to MOVE your body in between all the tasty treats.


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