The Rebirth of Organic Baby Resource!

Organic Baby Resource is having a Re-birthday Party!

Organic Baby Resource is having a Re-birthday Party!


If this is your first time to this site, you literally have just stepped in to a birthday party. Not just the kind with the cake, but the kind where the baby is delivered. The kind where the mama is deliriously happy and deliriously exhausted at the same time. Don’t worry you are totally invited. In fact I planned to celebrate with you, so make yourself at home.

You see this is the relaunch of a Labor of Love for me. I started Organic Baby Resource seven (almost eight) years ago, when my oldest daughter was a baby. Today I get to relaunch it. I launch it not only with updated posts and features, but with new experiences to share and new ways to express myself. Like what is better in life than painting a picture of a birthday cake?

In all seriousness, something that is better than drawing cake for me, besides hanging out with my awesome family, is helping moms like YOU reach your goals of caring for your little ones with the most healthful choices you can make. So welcome to the birthday party! You may be thinking you didn’t bring a gift, but, dear, your presence is the gift.

If this is not your first visit, come on in. Mama, am I glad to see you again! I hope you like the new design and features of the website.

Join the Bye Bye Toxins Challenge!

To start our fun together, I would like you ALL to visit the Start Here page so you can learn more about my new, simplified approach to organic baby care. It will also tell you which posts can be most helpful to starting our journey together.

I also have a party favor for you. Many of you have been waiting (with bated breath, right?) to sign up for the FREE Bye Bye Toxins Challenge. Well it’s here so you can get more info and sign up for it now.

Oh, before you leave the party, I would be so honored if you joined the mailing list so I can keep you updated on new posts, FREEBIES, as well as opportunities to play and work together. Think of it as signing the guest book. It lets me know you stopped by to celebrate.


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Lastly, this isn’t one of those parties that has a set end time. The fun will just keep coming. So if you know a mom of babies and toddlers who might wanna join us, PLEASE share this invitation with them via email or your favorite social media page. That would be super sweet, like the icing on the cake. Thank you!

Stay tuned for more surprises and fun.

Yours truly,

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  • Lisa Irby November 30, 2015 at 7:15 pm

    Congratulations! Thank you for inviting me to the launch party. The new OBR looks great!

  • Erika Jones
    Erika Jones December 1, 2015 at 12:08 am

    Thank you so much, Lisa Irby! I’m so glad you could drop in 🙂

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