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100 Days of Organic Baby Care

So I started a new project! Well … kinda-sorta. About a week ago I noticed some fellow online artist friends buzzing about participating in a 100 Day Challenge called #The100DayProject. The main intention is to consistently work on a project for 100 days and…

Baby's Mama

Mama Getaway to San Francisco (Part Two)

It’s part two (of two) of my mama getaway to San Francisco. In part one I spent most of the time exploring the city on my own. It was ultimately a day of self exploration and growth that I’ll never forget. Finally on Day…

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Baby's Mama

Mamas Getaway to San Francisco (Part One)

I love my kids. A LOT! Before my kids I used to have this love affair with travel too. No country or city seemed inaccessible to me. I just made it happen. Only recently have spontaneous opportunities to travel come across my radar. If I…

Baby's Food is Building Block 3 of the Ten Building Blocks of Organic Baby Care.
Baby's Food

Healthy Snack Ideas for Toddlers

Happy April! It’s time to focus on Building Block 3, Baby’s Food. This comes at the perfect time for me as I’ve been highly focused on food and healthy snack ideas. As I stated in my post about juggling motherhood, marriage and business, I’ve…

Baby's Milk is one of the Ten Building Blocks to Organic Baby Care.
Baby's Milk

3 Tips to Choose the Best Baby Formula

Last week’s post about how to deal with low milk supply was for my breastfeeding mamas, here’s one for my mamas who supplement and bottle feed exclusively… Lots of factors go into your baby formula choice and as a mom you want to choose the…

Baby's Milk is one of the Ten Building Blocks to Organic Baby Care.
Baby's Milk

Got Low Milk Supply? I’ve Got Encouragement.

This month I am posting about Building Block #2, Baby’s Milk. I know first hand how it feels to have every intention to breastfeed exclusively and it not start out that way due to circumstances beyond your control. With all three of my girls…