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Product Review: Terressentials Organic Skincare for Babies

Performance Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Terressentials Organic Skin Care Line

Terressentials Organic Skin Care Line

I purchased Terressentials certified organic skincare baby sampler package for my little sweetie. The package came quickly and included some informative literature about the importance of checking ingredients and choosing certified organic skin care.

I did notice that the little bottles in sample package didn’t have the seal on them, but in an email, one of the company’s owners

said they were working on new packaging that would address this. All of the ingredients are fully disclosed and the list is free of the ones you want to avoid.

The sample page truly does have sample sizes. The bottles were about 1 oz. in contrast to the larger 8 oz. sizes of the normal packaging. However, it is enough to get an idea if this product is for you and your baby.

Here is a breakdown of the Terressentials organic skincare products we tried:

Body Wash

I put a small amount of this in my baby’s bath water and it created a nice milk-bath looking consistency. The soap has more of a liquid consistency and doesn’t do a lot of foaming. However, it does provide a gentle, cleansing and relaxing bath.

The body wash has a nice lavender and citrus smell, which makes her mom think of the spa. The fragrance for the body wash and the rest of the line is made of organic essential oils. In my mind you can’t get any purer than that. Unfortunately, my daughter had a mild breakout after using it- her skin is more sensitive than I thought.

Baby Lotion

The baby lotion is light and absorbed quickly. If you prefer a thicker, creamy lotion, then this isn’t the one. Our skin is on the dry side and I found we had to reapply more often to maintain a smooth, hydrated look.

Massage Oil

We used the massage oil on her skin and hair. We went outside and I could smell the fragrance blowing in the wind. I felt it was a bit strong for the baby.

However, if your baby is struggling with itchy, flaky skin or scalp and over six months, you might want to give this oil a try. It has ingredients such as sunflower oil and jojoba oil to bring relief. I’ve used it on myself for this purpose.

Terrific Tush Treatment Diaper Rash Cream

This is my favorite product. It is made with organic cocoa butter, beeswax, shea butter and essential oils. We don’t have a lot of diaper rash, but we have used this for chapped lips and fungal rashes and this brings quick and effective relief.

My Recommendation:

Due to my daughter’s sensitivity to fragrance of any kind, the baby care line wouldn’t work for her. The one exception is the Terrific Tush Treatment. I consider it a miracle balm.

In email correspondence the owner did say an unscented baby line is in the works. In the meantime, she encouraged me to try some of the unscented adult products for her in the meantime. We haven’t gotten to this yet.

However, I have used every drop of the baby line of product on myself. I have found many great uses for the tush treatment and massage oil and plan to order more of these Terressential products for our arsenal of organic skincare treatments.


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