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Organic Nursing Guide

Our Recommendations for Breastfeeding Mothers

The length of time you breastfeed depends on how much support you have around you as a new mom. That support not only comes in the form of loved ones and co-workers, but also comes from having quality breastfeeding products.

Whether you're breastfeeding, pumping, staying at home, or on the go, this guide should help you find tools that increase your comfort while nourishing your baby.

Milk organic nursing gown is comfy and attractive. Milk Nursing Gown
This attractive, organic gown gives easy access to baby's milk without compromising mommy's style. Works for smaller and larger bust sizes.

The Bebe Au Lait nursing cover gives a nursing mom privacy. Bebe Au Lait
This organic nursing cover keeps your baby visible to you while keeping others out of the mix. I've used this cover to feed both of my babies on the go.
$25 - $40

The PumpEase Bra is certified organic.PumpEase Bra
Pumping breast milk can be multi-tasked thanks to this organic bra by Snugabell. Just fasten it, put your pump in place and your hands are free.

Natural nipple butter is relief for a nursing mom.Nipple Butter
The first few weeks of nursing can be rough in more ways than one. I found relief with this ointment made from all natural and organic ingredients.
$9.95 - 14.95

My Breast Friend holds up nurisng babies.My BrestFriend
This nursing pillow acts like a shelf for your baby and offers extra back support. Choose from a multitude of colors or an organic slipcover.
$17.00 - $53.00

A medela pump is reliable for working moms.Medela Pump
I've owned this pump for four years and it's still working for us. A good system for the mom who needs to pump on a regular basis.
$248 - $255

Milkscreen is a quick, easy test for breast milk.MilkScreen
Planning to have a glass of wine on date night? This product helps you test your breast milk and determine when it's safe to nurse again.
$11.99 - $27.94

Organic nursing bra from CariwellCariwell Bra
This organic nursing bra is comfortable for those who prefer no underwire. Provides light to moderate support for small to medium size busts.

Undercover Mama makes nursing convenient.Undercover Mama
This cotton tank helps you get more out of your existing wardrobe. Hook it to your nursing bra for extra midsection coverage.
$24.95 - $26.95

Truffles will make your Easter gift recipients smileBamboobies
Catch leaking milk before it happens with these organic bamboo reusable nursing pads. The heart shape makes them extra fun to wear.


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