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Hi there, I’ve been wanting to feature other mamas on the blog for a while now. I decided to break the ice by featuring myself first. The goal is to give other mamas a glimpse of what natural living means in your household and provide inspiration to someone who may just be getting started on their journey called motherhood. If you’d like to be featured please fill out this form.

Meet Erika Jones, a mom of three girls 10, 6 and 3. She resides in Dallas, Texas and runs a super cool community called Organic Baby Resource 😉 She loves to draw and encourage other moms to live joyful, healthy lives.


What areas of natural living do you focus on most?

I focus mainly on providing whole foods and sound nutrition. I try to avoid buying foods with chemical preservatives, dyes and processed sugars. Secondly, I try to buy personal care products with  recognizable ingredients.

On the contrary, what areas do you “relax” about so that you can do other areas well and how did you find peace about that?

I allow chemicals to be used for the purpose of pest control once or twice a year. I have tried to do my own pest control using essential oils, etc. Ultimately, I decided I needed help from a professional company for my own peace and sanity.

What is one thing you wish you knew from day one of becoming a mama?

How to get a baby to sleep through the night. I’m still waiting on that knowledge.

What are your favorite places to shop for (clothing, food, household items)?

I get lots of organic foods from Costco. Amazon is quite helpful.

What are your non-negotiable self-care practices?

Oh wow that question makes me see how much of my self care has been negotiable. As of lately, working out has been non-negotiable. I get it in because I need it to be healthy and I deserve it. Oh and I if I don’t get quiet time to meditate, my family will end up sending me away so I can reset. So I guess that’s non-negotiable as far as my family is concerned.

What is your sleeping schedule like?

Not so good. Have you seen this post?

What are some areas you’ve had to ask for help in and are glad you did? Why?

I recently worked with a fitness/nutrition coach to help me start seeing results with my health and weight loss. Doing it alone was getting me nowhere. This extra accountability helped boost my consistency and therefore my results.

What is the biggest lesson your children or motherhood has taught you?

My girls and me blueberry picking earlier this summer.

My girls and me blueberry picking earlier this summer.

I think it’s to set boundaries. Boundaries around my kids, my marriage and myself and all that is sacred to me.

What is the funniest thing your kids have done or said recently?

This wasn’t really funny at the time… But we recently ordered some patio furniture. It got delivered and had a really strong smell when we took it out of the package. My husband and I thought it would air out. It was so pretty and we had gotten such a good deal. We started putting it together when my oldest daughter brought us a tag that said in compliance with one of California’s propositions they were required to disclose that it contained chemicals that possibly caused cancer and reproductive issues (such as infertility). Well I guess I taught her to read labels pretty well… So we returned the furniture. I felt so proud of her and a little silly that I hadn’t thought to check that.

Hey there. We would love to feature you too. If you would you like to give us a glimpse of how you do natural living in your home please fill out this form



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