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Little Pim Review

Performance Review: 4 out of 5 stars

Little Pim Spanish DVD

Little Pim Spanish DVD

We had the opportunity to sample a Little Pim Spanish DVD; Eating and Drinking Disc 1. We live in Texas, so there is no time like the present to start exposing her to Spanish as a second language. Here’s what we think:

Features to Love

  • The videos contain quality images paired with Spanish words and phrases, which are reinforced an audio video.
  • I found my daughter responded more, when I watched with her and repeated the words out loud. She would repeat after me.
  • This is not a bad way for the parents to learn a new language. All it takes is discipline to turn on the DVD on a regular basis.
  • The website gives tips for getting the most out of the series.

Room For Improvement

  • The music is quite monotonous. We’ve all fallen asleep quite a few times. In other words, right before nap time is not a good time. Make sure both parent and child are bright and alert when you pop in the DVD.

Bottom Line

This series is a brilliant idea both in concept and execution. I don’t yet have a Spanish acquisition testimonial to share, as I know that would require giving my daughter more exposure to the video (their website says two to three times a week).

As we cross some other milestones (like potty training), I plan to play it more. Like other skill building DVDs, the parent should be as involved as possible to get the maximum benefit. I am interested in purchasing the other two DVDs in the series: Wake Up Smiling (Disc 2) and Playtime (Disc 3).

You can find the Little Pim: 3-Pak (Spanish)Little Pim as well as the individual DVDs in any language on Amazon.

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