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Honest Bug Spray: An Honest Review

Independence Day is coming up in the states and you probably have plenty of outdoor activities planned for the weekend. I’ve tried my share of natural insect repellants and Honest Bug Spray is what I have on hand now. Here are the Pros and Cons.

Honest Bug Spray Photo by Erika Lynne Jones

Honest Bug Spray Photo by Erika Lynne Jones


  • DEET Free. While the Environmental Working Group considers DEET, an effective chemical bug repellant, safe for children, they do still express concerns about potential side effects to the nervous system in rare cases.
  • Recognizable Ingredient list: soybean oil, castor oil, citronella oil, cedarwood oil, lemongrass oil, rosemary oil, geranium oil, peppermint oil, water and wintergreen oil.
  • I love that it has a minty smell.
  • Easily accessible as I grabbed it at Costco
  • Certified Organic, which means its ingredients were derived without the use of pesticides or chemical processes.


  • I found its effectiveness hit or miss. I wish it were more consistently protecting the family from bites.
    Unfortunately, my mother-in-law noticed me getting an unfair of bites when she was over one evening and she jokingly called it “Come Get Me, Mosquitos.” This has not been my experience consistently, however. When I’m proactive and put it on before going out, I find I get less bites.
  • Like I said above it should be applied before going out vs. remembering after you are already getting bit and it needs to be reapplied every two hours.

Should You Buy It

If you want an all natural bug spray for your little ones, Honest Bug Spray has one of the purest ingredient lists I’ve seen. At the time this post was written no rating was available in the Environmental Working Group (EWG) skincare database. I would pair this with long clothing and other outdoor repellant devices verses just relying on the skincare. If you live or plan to travel to an area where Lyme Disease, Zikka Virus or West Nile is of great concern, I would grab something with DEET for that special occasion.



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