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Baby’s Food is Building Block 3 of the Ten Building Blocks of Organic Baby Care.

Happy April! It’s time to focus on Building Block 3, Baby’s Food. This comes at the perfect time for me as I’ve been highly focused on food and healthy snack ideas. As I stated in my post about juggling motherhood, marriage and business, I’ve started a new eating plan, called Trim Healthy Mama. The eating plan is designed for weight loss as well as a lifestyle to prevent weight gain.

Since becoming a mom, I’ve realized that eating an organic diet full of whole foods is not enough for me any more to maintain a healthy weight. I needed to be smarter about how I was combining those foods. My initial goal when I started the 2nd week in March was to lose 10 pounds by my birthday in mid May. And good news is I’m really close to reaching that goal in early April.

The essence of the plan is to enjoy both fat and carbs in meals, however you need to separate them in order to put your body into fuel burning mode. You should always have protein and avoid sugar. Anyways, I’m sticking with it and I’ll keep you posted as the months come in, but thought I’d share for those of you wanting a new approach to losing baby weight – even if it’s two years after the fact.

So back to Baby’s Food. This new knowledge has me wanting to make sure my children’s snacks are a nice mix of carbs, protein and fat. They are all at a nice healthy weight and should have a nice mix of all three. I am definitely wanting to minimize sugar and will likely do a post just about that this month.

My baby girl is two and still nursing so she’s not a big eater. I have to be strategic about having her eat when her sisters eat and giving her snacks with a good balance of protein, carbs and fat. But sometimes we are in a hurry and I just can not think of healthy snack ideas or quick easy meal ideas.

I created a cheat sheet to help you more easily come up with snacks on the fly. No more long stares into the refrigerator. Grab something from the protein category and pair with a Vital Veggie & Fruit or a Conscious Carb. If you are feeling ambitious add a Fantastic Flavoring. I know there are all sorts of diets out there, gluten-free, vegan, dairy free etc.

I’ve categorized the foods so that you can mix and match them according to you and your toddler’s preferences. Hopefully this will get your juices flowing and give you many healthy snack ideas in the spur of the moment. To download a printable Snack Idea Generator for your refrigerator, simply subscribe and I’ll send you the download.


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