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Do You Have a Christmas Bucket List

This is my Christmas Bucket List for 2016.

This is my Christmas Bucket List for 2016.

Yesterday I was scrolling through Instagram and I came across this delightful feed by muchloveilly. I thought her illustrated Christmas bucket list was adorable and inspiring so I got my pencil and paints out and made my own. I have several weeks of flexibility with my daughters’ homeschooling co-op being on holiday break. This means more time for us all to learn about other stuff and in different ways, more time to explore my own interests and complete some pending projects.

So here is my list of things I hope to complete this holiday season:

  1. Make natural beauty products with my girls. My daughter asked me to do this before we moved last summer and I got overwhelmed. So it will be fun to mix a couple of organic potions with a holiday twist. Peppermint cocoa lip gloss anyone?
  2. Take a calligraphy class with my oldest daughter, Nina. I really want to improve my handwriting. Nina, 9, makes beautiful cursive letters already and wants to explore it as a money making hobby in her free time. If you want to join us we are taking the course on Creativebug.
  3. Celebrate my 6 year old’s birthday. If you have a Christmas or close to Christmas birthday you know what it’s like. The scramble after Thanksgiving to make sure some of her friends are not going out of town and can celebrate with her. I know I could plan better, or in advance, but with the move I just didn’t. It always works out just how it’s supposed to so no stress, I tell myself.

  4. Finish book proposal. So  awhile ago I wrote a book on the Ten Building Blocks of Organic Baby Care. I’m in the process of making it better and sending my idea to publishers. I can hardly wait til there is more news to share… But first I must finish that proposal. But I’m not doing it alone, my accountability partner is working on hers and we are breaking it into weekly assignments. This is our way of motivating one another and getting things done.

  5. Establish a cleaning routine. Doesn’t that sound festive? I got used to having a clutter free home when we were in staging and showing mode at my old house and I’m committed to having a similar lifestyle in the new place. But now we have twice as much space. I stay motivated  by reminding myself about all the calories I’m burning moving things into their proper place. Please don’t burst my bubble.
  6. Decorate Home. Well that’s the only thing I can check off. Well sort of. One of our Christmas decorations boxes got lost during the move, but what’s here will have to do this year.
  7. Sleep. Oh boy. My two year old isn’t sleeping. I’m working on fixing that so I can be a better woman in this world.
  8. Logo for new website. Early next year I’ll be launching  a new website. In addition to organic baby care and natural living, I’ll be talking more about my creative pursuits and motherhood and the quest to integrate all of the things that are important in my life.
  9. Listen to Holiday Music. Because it simply makes us happy. This Christmas by Donny Hathaway and Oh Holy Night by Any Artists are my favorites.

What about you? What’s on your Christmas Bucket List? Do you think getting creative about how you put your list together and post it will make you more likely to get it done? I’d love to know in the comments below.



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