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"Daily Blessings" Wri
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Daily Blessings

Happy Summer, Mamas! I hope you have an amazing, or maybe the word is relaxing, weekend planned. Here is a short and sweet poem I wrote and illustrated to remind myself to be grateful for the season I’m in even though some moments get…

This is my Christmas Bucket List for 2016.
Baby's Mama Self-Care

Do You Have a Christmas Bucket List

Yesterday I was scrolling through Instagram and I came across this delightful feed by muchloveilly. I thought her illustrated Christmas bucket list was adorable and inspiring so I got my pencil and paints out and made my own. I have several weeks of flexibility…

Word of the year for 2016
Baby's Mama Self-Care

So I’ve Moved and I continue to Move…

It’s been a longer-than-I-intended spell since my last update. The truth is moving turned my world upside down emotionally and physically and now I finally feel like we are settled. We only have a few  boxes left in the garage! I love my new (old)…

Mamas getaway painted ladies
Baby's Mama Self-Care

Mamas Getaway to San Francisco (Part One)

I love my kids. A LOT! Before my kids I used to have this love affair with travel too. No country or city seemed inaccessible to me. I just made it happen. Only recently have spontaneous opportunities to travel come across my radar. If I…

It's a Day to Celebrate the achievements of women everywhere including your own.
Baby's Mama Self-Care

Happy Women’s Day!

Happy International Women’s Day. I love it that I get to help moms from many countries make healthy choices for their babies. The image above is a sneak peak at some of the art work I’m working on for my upcoming Video Training Series, Organic Baby…