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wooden toys are safe and sustainable.
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Wooden Toys: Make Play Time Sustainable

Natural wood toys are a healthy choice for your baby. Not only are they often, non-toxic, but they are attractive, durable and can be passed down for generations. You will, however, want to make sure your baby’s toys are finished with non-toxic sealers and…

Coloring is the perfect toddler activity
Baby's Wellness

10 Ideas for Fun, Learning Toddler Activities

Are you bored with your routine and in need of some constructive yet fun toddler activities? You are not alone in your desire to spice up your days or evenings with your toddler. Here are several ideas we’ve incorporated into our days to keep…

Terrible twos requires patient parenting.
Baby's Wellness

5 Tactics for Overcoming The Terrible Twos

I don’t like the term terrible twos. Nor do I like any label for a child that anticipates a negative outcome. That said, I do have a two year old and I have experienced first hand the shift from angelic quietness and giggles to…

Finding safe toys is about more than avoiding choking hazards.
Baby Care Baby's Wellness

Six Tips for Choosing Safe Toys

The term safe toys used to mean your child had no chance of choking on them. However there are other factors to consider. Infant toys made of plastic often contain polyvinyl chloride (PVC). PVC has been linked to cancer and other health problems. Most…

organic toddler with pear
Baby's Wellness

Raising Your Organic Toddler

You blinked your eyes and your baby is now an organic toddler. But that doesn’t mean you’ve stopped caring about what goes in your baby’s tummy or on her skin. You are also likely to be more concerned than ever about what sinks into…

Massage is one of my favorite natural baby remedies.
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Natural Baby Remedies

Getting familiar with natural remedies while your baby is well can help you both avoid unnecessary medications and antibiotics. They can also prevent you from feeling helpless when your baby needs you the most. You may have already experienced the heartache that comes with…