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Baby's Milk is one of the Ten Building Blocks to Organic Baby Care.
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3 Tips to Choose the Best Baby Formula

Last week’s post about how to deal with low milk supply was for my breastfeeding mamas, here’s one for my mamas who supplement and bottle feed exclusively… Lots of factors go into your baby formula choice and as a mom you want to choose the…

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Could Organic Infant Formula Be Toxic?

Update: Since this article was originally written, all three manufacturer’s mentioned (Similac, Earth’s Best and Nature’s One Baby’s Only) have created packaging that is BPA-free! Here are brief versions of statements from their websites: Abbott’s Similac® brand formulas have been proven to be a…

I advise moms to have an organic baby formula selected prior to baby's birth just in case you need to supplement.
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Choosing Organic Baby Formula

Organic baby formula is the best option when you are unable to breastfeed. By choosing organic over conventional you avoid growth hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, fertilizers and steroids in your baby’s formula. You may plan to use formula from day one, or you may not…

Bebe au Lait formerly known as the "Hooter Hider" Nursing Cover
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Hooter Hider Nursing Cover by Bebe Au Lait

Product Review: Performance Rating 4.5 out 5 Stars I first learned about the Hooter Hider nursing cover in the child birth class I took before my daughter was born. The instructor passed around a lot of pre- and post-partum gadgets, but the name Hooter…

Breastfeeding can be a time of relaxation for mama and baby.
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10 Ways Breastfeeding Is Good For Mamas Too

Are you feeling uncertain about breastfeeding? Do you wonder if you are capable of doing it? Since success starts with believing you CAN do it, this information is intended to affirm you in your journey. It’s impossible to exhaust all of the benefits in one…

Breast feeding promotes cozy bonding time between mama and baby.
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Breast Feeding Benefits Your Baby

If you are an expecting or new mom, you may be wondering if breast feeding truly makes a difference in your baby’s life, both in the short and long term. You CAN boost your baby’s health by nursing. Here are ten ways: 1. Reduced…