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Join the Bye Bye Toxins Challenge!
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Join the 7-Day Bye Bye Toxins Challenge

Join me in a 7-Day Bye Bye Toxins Challenge to help you replace toxic household products with minimal effort and cost. Every day you will receive an email with a daily task to help you identify and toss some of the hidden toxins in your…

soap nuts on a white background
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A Review of Soap Nuts

Soap Nuts Performance Rating: 4 out of 5 stars We’re keeping it light and clean today with my discovery of an eco-friendly way to do laundry. I purchased a sample at the expo last week. The soap nuts (also called soap berries) came in…

Ecostore's Non-Toxic Cleaning Products
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Ecostore USA
Review of Non Toxic Cleaning Products

Performance Rating: 4 out of 5 stars Nothing inspires a cleaning spree, like some, cool, new non-toxic cleaning products from an eco-friendly company. I was able to sample some products from Ecostore USA. The original company, Ecostore NZ was founded over 15 years ago…

Good baby health involves more than just regular checkups at the pediatrician.
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Practice Prevention for Good Baby Health

Whatever your baby health philosophy, you have nothing to lose by practicing prevention. Here are nine lifestyle choices you can make to protect your baby’s developing immune system and promote long-term wellness. Minimize exposure to plastics. While you can’t avoid them altogether, most plastics…