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Baby's Food is Building Block 3 of the Ten Building Blocks of Organic Baby Care.
Baby's Food

Healthy Snack Ideas for Toddlers

Happy April! It’s time to focus on Building Block 3, Baby’s Food. This comes at the perfect time for me as I’ve been highly focused on food and healthy snack ideas. As I stated in my post about juggling motherhood, marriage and business, I’ve…

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100 Days of Organic Baby Care

So I started a new project! Well … kinda-sorta. About a week ago I noticed some fellow online artist friends buzzing about participating in a 100 Day Challenge called #The100DayProject. The main intention is to consistently work on a project for 100 days and…

Try to encourage your toddler to get their vitamins from real foods.
Baby's Food

Five Tips For Choosing Vitamins for Toddlers

Children need vitamins for lots of reasons. The most pressing reason to incorporate vitamins for toddlers is to bridge the gaps that likely exist from not eating perfect amounts of all of the food groups everyday. Even the perfectly planned meal may not get…

Glass jars are useful tools if your baby is starting solids.
Baby's Food

Starting Solids Requires Patience and Preparation

Starting solids is a major transition for you and your baby. If he or she is between 4 and 6 months and meeting developmental milestones, you may have received literature from your doctor or suggestions from friends and family members about getting started. Depending…

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The Global Perspective on Organic Shopping

Are you doing organic shopping outside of the U.S.? The standards for organic certification and the level of government involvement varies in each country. In fact, some organic certifying bodies do allow the use of chemicals in organic products, so you want to get…

Organic Baby Food
Baby's Food

10 Tips for Choosing the
Best Organic Baby Food

Two of the most common questions I get about organic baby food are: a.  Is it more nutritious? and b. If it is worth the premium? Well the answer to both questions depends on how and where you purchase your organic baby food. Studies conflict one…

A silicone ice tray is non-toxic and less likely to break while you are taking out the frozen baby food.
Baby's Food

5 Steps to Making Organic Baby Food

You don’t need to be a master chef to make your baby’s food at home. Making organic baby food from fresh produce can be a fun and healthy choice for your baby and the rest of the family. Here are some basic instructions to…