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See Kai Run Sylvia Shoes
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Review of See Kai Run Shoes

Performance Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars When it comes to blending soft sole shoes with style, See Kai Run shoes are a winner. We received a sample of the Stella shoes which is part of their See Kai Run line. The company makes…

robeez baby shoes
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Robeez Baby Shoes Review

Robeez Product Review Performance Rating: 5 out of 5 stars I got tired of retracing our steps around the grocery store after my daughter kicked off one or both of her socks or shoes. These baby shoes solved the problem, because they have elastic gathering…

Grocery store in Florence, Italy
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The Global Perspective on Organic Shopping

Are you doing organic shopping outside of the U.S.? The standards for organic certification and the level of government involvement varies in each country. In fact, some organic certifying bodies do allow the use of chemicals in organic products, so you want to get…

Organic cotton plants are free of pesticides.
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Why Choose Organic Cotton?

By Karin Frost, ERGObaby Designer and President and Claire Kellerman, Permaculture Designer and Writer We cherish our children and devote ourselves to serving their best interests in their health, happiness and development. When they are babies, we hold them close to our hearts to…

Kate Quinn Organic Baby Clothing
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Organic Cotton Baby Clothing: Which Brands Are Best?

You may already know that organic cotton baby clothing is a healthy fabric choice for your baby. But other than having a personal style preference, how do you decide between the growing number of organic clothing lines coming into the market place? This video…

organic baby clothing is free of toxic chemicals
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The Benefits of Organic Baby Clothing

You may be wondering if organic baby clothing is really necessary and what you stand to gain from shelling out the extra money that may be involved. You may also think washing new clothes once before dressing your baby is adequate to minimize any…

organic baby clothes can be just as affordable as traditional clothing
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7 Ways to Save Money on Organic Baby Clothes

You may be overwhelmed by the thought of filling your baby’s entire wardrobe with organic baby clothes. You don’t have to be. If you need to, ease your way into this lifestyle choice. Here are some tips for making it more affordable. If you…

How much organic baby apparel does a baby need?
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Choosing Organic Baby Apparel

Whether you’re registering for organic baby apparel or transitioning from a conventional wardrobe to organic and natural fiber clothing for your baby, deciding what clothing and accessories you need can be overwhelming. Baby Kimonos (side snapping outfits) are great for babies that don’t like…