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10 Ways Breastfeeding Is Good For Mamas Too

Are you feeling uncertain about breastfeeding? Do you wonder if you are capable of doing it?

Since success starts with believing you CAN do it, this information is intended to affirm you in your journey. It’s impossible to exhaust all of the benefits in one page, but here are 10 reasons for you to breastfeed with confidence.

Breastfeeding can be a time of relaxation for mama and baby.

Breastfeeding can be a time of relaxation for mama and baby.

1. It’s cheaper.

If you calculate the costs of buying formula (thousands of dollars per year), bottles and the more frequent doctor’s visits often required for formula-fed infants, you’ll see it’s a bargain.

2. Faster recovery after birth.

Medical experts say oxytocin, the hormone released when the baby sucks, helps your uterus contract and return more quickly to its pre-pregnant size.

Of course every woman’s tummy goes down at a different time, so try not to make comparisons. Your belly took nearly 10 months to expand. So be patient.

3. Helps with weight loss.

Every mother loses the weight she gained during pregnancy at a different rate. However, it’s great to have your body burning the extra calories required to make your baby’s milk.

Restricting calories during lactation is not a good idea, in fact you need to eat more. Click here for more information about a sound nursing diet.

4. Breast milk is odorless.

You may expect breast milk to have a strong odor. In fact it’s quite neutral. When you compare it to the distinct smell of formula, it’s just another natural plus. By the way, it doesn’t permanently stain clothes either.

5. Baby’s poop has a milder odor.

It’s a good thing, because you will be changing them more often than if you use formula.

6. More months without menstruation.

Remember the fancy-free days before you got your first period? If you primarily breastfeed, your period may not return for 6 – 9 months after the delivery.

When it does return it may not come every single month. Please note that this does NOT mean you are unable to conceive during this period of no periods.

7. Reduced risk of breast, uterine and ovarian cancers.

The lower levels of estrogen associated with lactation is said to limit the growth of cells lining the breasts, uterus and ovaries. Therefore the risk of the tissues becoming cancerous is reduced.

8. It’s relaxing.

The hormones that help your body make milk, calms you and your baby. It’s like a natural tranquilizer that helps you both get the sleep you need.

9. Better Bones.

The authors of The Breastfeeding Book: Everything You Need to Know About Nursing Your Child from Birth Through WeaningThe Breastfeeding Book say women who have not breastfed are four times more likely to develop osteoporosis later in life.

10. Know your baby better.

Oxytocin is the bonding hormone, that brings us closer to our babies. It’s no coincidence that this same hormone is released when we have sex with our mates.

Want more reasons to give nursing a try? Check out some of the benefits available for babies.



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