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43 Green Baby Shower
Planning Ideas

Are you planning a baby shower and wondering how to express your desires for eco-friendly and organic gifts? Why not enlighten your guests with a green-themed shower?

In other words, instead of focusing on gift preferences, take the opportunity to teach your family and friends about the benefits of making organic and sustainable choices. Below are some ideas and product recommendations to help you and your shower hosts set the tone for your guests.

    Eco Invites

    A green baby shower invite gives back to the environment.

  1. To print or not to print? This question can generate hot debate amongst hostesses from different generations.

    Environmentally speaking, the electronic invitation doesn't require shipping and won't end up in the trash. However, the right answer depends on the formality of the shower, and the internet savviness of your guests.

  2. If you decide on an electronic version, you can use an e-invite service provider or create a PDF file and email it directly to your guests. They can choose whether or not to print it.

  3. Design the invite with text, colors, and images that reflect your theme. Weave in a sentence that subtly explains the theme choice.

    For example:

    "We are hosting a Green Baby Shower for Carol to help preserve the planet for her little angel."

    "Dana has chosen to have a natural pregnancy and birth. Let's help her celebrate with an Organic Baby Shower!"

  4. You can encourage guests to wear a shade of your favorite earthy tone: green, white, brown, etc. If that sounds like too much fuss, just have the mommy-to-be wear green (in natural fabrics of course). You might also suggest guests carpool.

  5. You may need to use an insert to share your shower preparation ideas with your guests. In general, it's best to politely suggest rather than insist on your requests.

    Etiquette experts still say its best NOT to include registry information with the invite, but to wait until a guests ask you for this information so invitees don't feel pressured to give a gift.

  6. If you decide to print your invitations, consider using recycled card-stock. You can also find card-stock in a variety of natural fibers such as linen, bamboo and cotton.

    Online retailer, Tiny Prints, creates its shower invitations on paper that is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified or made from recycled materials.

  7. To see some examples of eco shower invitations, announcements and thank you cards keep reading.
  8. The Gifts

    Baby shower guests can choose eco-friendly gift wrapping.

  9. In the name of the environment, you could encourage baby shower guests to skip traditional gift wrapping methods.

    Instead offer earth-friendly suggestions like brown paper grocery bags and reusable shopping bags. Guests could also be encouraged to recycle gift bags they already have.

  10. Depending on the scale and formality of the event, you could send eco-friendly gift wrap materials with the invite.

  11. Did you know that some gift wrap is compostable and biodegradable? There are examples at the end of this article, just be sure those cleaning up know it belongs in the composte pile.

  12. Another idea in lieu of wrapping paper, is to have guests use an organic baby blanket or towel and tie it with a bow.

  13. One of our readers, Emerald shared how she requested no gift wrap and hung all items with clothes pins for guests to admire.

  14. In some social circles it's still taboo, but for others it's common practice to say where the mommy is registered in the invite.

    In all cases it is proper to have your registry list ready to go upon request. Have your registry selections reflect your desire for natural and organic shower gifts.

  15. You can register with your favorite organic baby boutique online or in your area. In addition, you may want to select at least one baby gift registry that people are likely to be familiar with.

  16. Big Box retailers such as Target and Babies "R" Us both have a wide array of organic baby apparel online. This gives your guests moderately priced organic baby gifts to choose from. You will likely still get some conventional gifts, however be gracious. You can exchange them later, if you like.

  17. You may not need to hear this, but just in case... Whatever you do, do not say anything close to "Organic baby gifts only please."

    At the end of the day it's your responsibility to provide your little blessing with what you believe he or she needs to be healthy. Showers and gifts are just icing on the cake.

  18. Baby books make a great green gifting theme for the shower. Those books are likely to be handed down to future siblings or donated to another family or library in the future.

  19. Don't forget to thank your guests with recycled paper thank you notes after the shower.
  20. Earthy Atmosphere

    Make a statment with your baby shower decor.

  21. If you have an outdoorsy crowd, you can pick an eco-friendly location.

    Your backyard, the beach, a garden, an aquarium, or an organic restaurant are just a few ideas. If you have it in someone's home choose someone's home, use decorations that reflect your theme.

  22. Instead of balloons and streamers, use natural, biodegradable materials to decorate.

    Simple arrangements of flowers and plants reflect the theme. Incorporate natural materials such as glass, water, rock, bamboo and candles for centerpieces and place settings.

  23. Limes or green apples in vases, can make beautiful arrangements. Have guests take them home if you have excess.

  24. If you choose to use flowers, choose fresh, organic ones like these from Organic Bouquet! Not only are they organic, but each flower benefits a charity. Give each guest a single flower and/or glass vase as she departs.

  25. You may want to place little plantable table tents or name settings around the baby shower with eco-conscious facts on them. Ideas include benefits of organic food, how to shop for fair trade and sustainable goods, and facts about the eco-friendly aspects of the shower.

  26. Use dishes instead of paper goods if you're going for a tea party type of event. If you host it at home, it may lead to a post-shower dish washing party.

  27. If you choose to use disposable party ware, there are some compostable and biodegradable options. Cups, plates, bowls and utensils can be made from tapioca and bamboo, sugar cane, and other plant and wood fibers.

  28. Don't forget to place a recycle bin and/or composter on hand for trash and gift wrap.
  29. Organic Menu

    A green baby shower gives back.

  30. Here's an opportunity to play off the green theme with color: Organic green salad, fruit salad made with kiwis, green apples, and grapes, organic frappe (a mixture of green sherbet and lemon-lime soda) and green petit fours are just the tip of the iceberg here.

  31. Shop at a farmers market or local farm for certified organic foods. If you have the meal catered, seek out one who serves organic foods.

  32. If you want happy guests by all means "let them eat cake". Just have the cook use cage free eggs, organic sugar (or substitute), flour, natural food coloring in the frosting, etc.

  33. If you are your guests are vegetarian, check out our reader, Rachel's menu plan.
  34. Green Baby Shower Games and Activities

  35. When planning games. Try to avoid paper printouts and plastic game piece trinkets that will end up in the trash.

  36. The hostesses of my baby shower had a game that gave each guest a chance to blindly feel the baby related items in the bag. The guest that guessed the most baby items won the game. All of the items in the bag were gifts for me and the baby.

    If the sac is reusable, nothing goes to waste. To minimize paper waste one hostess could hold the bag and another hostess could track the responses on a single sheet of paper in lieu of each guest having their own sheet of paper.

  37. Playing guessing games with a chalk board or dry erase board could also cut down on paper waste.

  38. If you're reading this article, you already know this, but being green is in! A Green Celebrity Quiz would make a fun game idea. One of the hostesses can find out what celebrities are doing to express their "greenness" and list them in a left hand column on a sheet of paper.

    In the right hand column list the names of the celebrities in random order and have guests match them up. The guest with the most answers wins. Other game ideas include green celebrity baby name trivia, or create an organic baby word search.

  39. For more game ideas visit our partner merchant

  40. Have natural and organic gifts on hand to give to the game winners. Some examples include certified organic lotion, body wash and natural wood picture frames. You could give out items individually or put them in gift baskets. A gift card to an eco-friendly store would also make a good choice.

  41. Of course playing games is completely optional. You can opt for some type of blessing over the baby. To keep it simple have guests take turns saying affirming things to the mom and or dad to be.

  42. If you prefer, baby shower guests can write their kind words on a photo framing mat. You could use the mat to frame a maternity picture or one of baby's first pics in the nursery. This would eliminate the need for a guest book.

  43. If the shower is at your home and casual, you could have guests take turns planting seeds in planters or starting an organic garden for the baby. You'll want to provide the tools and have some organic hand wash available.

  44. Green Shower Favors

    These glass mug doubled as beverage holders and green baby shower favors.

  45. As you're selecting your baby shower favors, the most important thing is to minimize the chance that your guests will discard the favor shortly after the party.

    To date, the baby shower favor I've kept the longest was a picture frame with a picture of the mom-to-be and me posing at the shower. One of the hostess made her husband responsible for taking the photos, printing and framing them before the guests left.

  46. Tasty, edible baby shower favors rarely go to waste. Imagine your departing guests' delight if you hand them small sacs of organic chocolate truffles, little bunches of organic fruit, trail mix or granola. Attach a personalized note to thank your guests for attending.

  47. Get more green points by having your favor double as a centerpiece or table decoration. One shower I attended was co-ed with a backyard BBQ theme. The hostesses served Arnold Palmer drinks in mason jars with the baby's initial on them. I was delighted to find out these were the party favors!

    Mason jars can also be used in centerpieces for holding flowers, candles, and other natural goodies.

  48. At another baby shower friends of mine gave out seeds to plant with a message that read, "Please plant these seeds and watch them bloom. Just like the baby that will be here soon!"

    For more examples of plantable favor ideas check out these Shower Favors from Beau-coup.
Are you starting to envision your green baby shower yet? Once you get started, you will think of more fun and creative ways to share your passion for organic living and conserving the earth's resources.

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