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Hi there! I just want to tell you a little more about me. I’m Erika, mommy to three girls. Organic Baby Resource was birthed when I was the overwhelmed mother of a 6 month old in 2008. At the time, news about concerns over the contents of baby care products was just beginning to surface. I decided to create a place where moms could save time and energy finding products that are safe to use while caring for their little ones.

Through the years I’ve realized how much I LOVE helping other mamas achieve their natural living goals. Why? Because I love to see their worries ease and smiles come across their face when they realize, “I can do this organic baby thing. One step at a time!” It’s really a win-win. Mamas feel empowered to make healthy changes and babies get health-conscious, happier mamas!

So on Organic Baby Resource, here’s what YOU will get:

  • Step by step guidance opportunities, I like to call them Guided Journeys, to help you implement the 10 Building Blocks of Organic Baby Care, detox your home and more.

    organic baby care on any budget

    Organic Baby Care on Any Budget is a Guided Journey that will launch in February 2016.

  • Natural parenting advice for all those big milestones such as starting solid foods, birthdays, holidays, the terrific twos, potty training and more.

    Glass jars are useful tools if your baby is starting solids.

    You don’t have to go through the big milestones alone. I love sharing my experiences.

  • Self care tips for the Natural Mama, which includes DIY Recipes for beauty and yummy-yet-healthy foods. Plus ideas for caring for your family without chemicals.

    Bye Bye Toxins Logo

    The Bye Bye Toxins 7 Day Challenge includes a pampering DIY Recipe everyday.

  • When I’m not working on Organic Baby Resource, I’m homeschooling my girls, traveling, writing poetry, and creating illustrations to make my readers smile. I look forward to sharing some of these moments with you as well. 

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All signed up? Great! You probably want to head over to the  START HERE page so you learn more about my approach to organic baby care and the journey we will be taking together. Thank you so much for visiting. I hope you enjoy your time here and feel free to tell a friend who might like to be a part of our growing online community.


Erika Lynne Jones
Organic Baby Resource