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5 Easy Ways to Love Yourself with Self Care

You are one busy woman. Whether you work out of the home, stay at home, are married, single, have one kid or five kids, you are one busy woman. While you might occasionally take “me time” breaks, most mothers…

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10 Ways To Save Money on Organic Baby Products

I absolutely LOVE creating exclusive goodies for my newsletter subscribers because I appreciate them so much. Starting now, my new subscribers are getting this mini e-book, 10 Ways to Save Money on Organic Baby Products. Have you been looking for ways…

Word of the year for 2016

My Word of The Year for 2016

In my previous post, I said I’d be sharing my Word of the Year for 2016. I didn’t plan on choosing it, the word just kind of popped up out of nowhere. You see, after a year of putting fear…

Me smiling in my studio after shooting my first E-course video!

What I’m Up To So Far In 2016

For the month of January, I wanted to share some of my intentions with you as they relate to Organic Baby Resource, motherhood and life in general. For now I wanted to share what I’m working on behind the scenes:…

My hand lettered January Goal Sheet is available for you download and color at your pleasure.

Happy 2016! My Top Three Planning Resources…

Happy 2016! I hope you enjoyed your holiday celebrations and are ready for all of the wonderful things 2016 has in store for you. This holiday season (during an unexpected computer meltdown) I realized that starting a new year with…

organic baby care on any budget

Organic Baby Care On Any Budget

I am delighted to announce the launch of my new online course: Organic Baby Care on Any Budget! This Guided Journey is designed for moms who want to make healthy, natural baby care choices while honoring their budgets (big or tiny).…