Happy Father’s Day Weekend!

I hope you enjoy your time with your favorite fathers this weekend. Look and I’m sure you’ll find simple ways to express your love and gratitude. I created this printable to provide you with a love note from your little ones. If you want…

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100 Days of Organic Baby Care

So I started a new project! Well … kinda-sorta. About a week ago I noticed some fellow online artist friends buzzing about participating in a 100 Day Challenge called #The100DayProject. The main intention is to consistently work on a project for 100 days and…

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Mama Getaway to San Francisco (Part Two)

It’s part two (of two) of my mama getaway to San Francisco. In part one I spent most of the time exploring the city on my own. It was ultimately a day of self exploration and growth that I’ll never forget. Finally on Day…

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Mamas Getaway to San Francisco (Part One)

I love my kids. A LOT! Before my kids I used to have this love affair with travel too. No country or city seemed inaccessible to me. I just made it happen. Only recently have spontaneous opportunities to travel come across my radar. If I…